About The Band
Born out of the heart of Hollywood, CA, this band of brothers has been performing together since 1997. The original lineup hired Randall (not Randy in Scotland) O’Malley to record their first demo. As time went on and band members changed, Randy took over the roll as lead singer, and has kept the spirit of The Molly Maguire’s alive. Although many players have come, and gone, all have been a part of this fabulous journey to bring these traditional Irish songs to all those who can hear, as well as a few original songs nodding a cap to the songs that came before.

The Band Members
Randall (Not Randy in Scotland) O’Malley
Lead Singer, Guitar, Tin Whistle
Matthew Aggers
Banjo, Backing Vocals
Cousin B (Brian Ascensio)
Guitar, Backing Vocal, Synth Gtr
Mike Kinney
Mitchell James
Drums, Bodhran, Cynical Attitude
Cousin Bill Kaylor
Bass Guitar